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Chef Roger van Damme and his team present below dishes to you. Awaiting, you can enjoy one of our tapas. These will be explained at your table.

Classic entrées from Roger

Stuffed eggs with Royal Belgian Caviar47,50

Stuffed eggs with Royal Belgian caviar – gold label
Waldorf salad with hand-peeled North Sea shrimp
Foie gras, smoked eel and cream of potato
Snow crab salad, bisque mousse and soft curry cream

Brioche with wagyu beef27,50

Brioche with wagyu meat, smoked onion cream & truffle

Vitello tonato28,50

Slowly cooked, thinly sliced ​​veal with a soft tuna cream. Classically served with apple caper and surprisingly enriched with a tartelette of Parmesan cheese, filled with veal tongue and pickles.


Around the world in three tacos; sea ​​bass with jalapeño and almond, chicken with pumpkin, mint and coriander and marinated short rib in pepper sauce with eggplant and Indian chutney

Signature main dishes

Beef Wellington47,- pp

Teamwork between our pastry chefs and kitchen team. Perfect puff pastry filled with filet pur. Garnished with various preparations of potato, aubergines, mushrooms and truffle. (served per 2 persons)

Grilled turbot with langoustine 52,50

Grilled turbot on brandade, finished with two preparations of langoustines and a soft green curry

Line-caught sea bass 49,50

Sea bass baked on the skin on mashed peas and finished with rich Asian flavours. A fresh and light dish.

Cod with hand-peeled North Sea shrimp and Royal Belgian Caviar52,50

Lightly brined cod cooked at a low temperature. Served with mashed potatoes, a poached egg, hand-peeled North Sea shrimps and lobster gravy. Finished with cod and Royal Belgian Caviar – gold label

beef tartare37,50

Highest quality beef is cut and seasoned by hand à la minute. Finished with a diversity of micro vegetables, a ball of goose liver cream and our famous fries


Dame Blanche26,50

A classic dessert on every menu, homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Collectors box of Roger van Damme38,50

Collection of three of Roger van Damme’s most famous signature desserts. You must have tasted this.
Soleil – Célébration – van Damme(n)

Cheesecake with red fruit28,50

Cheesecake with white chocolate, raspberry, lychee & cassis

La Grande Couronne32,50

A dessert created in honor of a unique collaboration with Glenfiddich Grande Couronne. You will taste a mousse of caramel and chocolate, notes of kalamansi and walnut. A compote of pear and a crispy roll of pear filled with a cream of macaroons. Finished off with a sugar ball filled with hazelnut whipped cream.

[menu-item price="30 pp" title="Grandma's apple pie"]Roger has delved into the world of puff pastry and has created a beautiful creation. An apple pie with almond paste, compote of apple refreshed with yuzu, elderflower and herbal notes. Roger serves this apple pie with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and sabayon. A hearty dessert, but a must to finish off your meal.
(preparation time 45 minutes – served per 2 persons – price per person)

Cheese selection of Michel van tricht27,50

Variety of carefully matured cheeses served with matching garnishes

Pancakes (from 14h30 onwards)

Crêpe Maison7,95

Two pancakes served with different sugars and butter.

Crêpe Royale12,00

Pancakes filled with ice cream, covered with chocolate sauce.

Crêpe Dominique12,00

Pancakes filled with ice cream, covered with orange sauce.