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Chef Roger van Damme and his team present below dishes to you. Awaiting, you can enjoy one of our tapas. These will be explained at your table.

Classic entrées from Roger

Brioche with Wagyu27,50

Brioche with Wagyu meat, smoked onion cream & truffle.


Around the world in three tacos, seabass with jalapeño and almond, chicken with pumpkin, mint and coriander and marinated short rib in pepper sauce with eggplant and Indian chutney.

Signature main dishes

Steak tartare36,50

Beef of the highest quality cut by hand and flavoured à la minute. Finished off with a diversity of micro-vegetables, a ball of cream of foie gras and French fries as you are used from us.

North Sea fish with scallop45,00

Baked Thai rice served with North Sea fish of the day, a baked scallop and mild green curry sauce as finishing touch.

Vol au vent deluxe41,00

Classic vol au vent with sweetbread and fresh French fries.


Oxtail with fluffy cream of celeriac, lacquered short rib, a fritter with caviar of herring and different structures of cauliflower.

Savoury pie of turbot, shrimp and red prawn47,50

Grilled turbot served on brandade, tartare of red prawn, gravy of crustaceans, preparations of shrimps and celeriac.


Rock around the clock28,50

A creation of different flavours, a biscuit of hazelnut, mousse of milk chocolate, coulis of exotic fruit and you will also taste vanilla, passion fruit and almond.


A dessert with sour touches of yuzu, basil, caramelised apple, crispy puff pastry, a fluffy Chantilly of a mousse and orelys chocolate.


Mousse of spices with inside a dulcey chocolate, granola, Greek yoghurt with touches of peach and apricot, hazelnut and white chocolate with crème brûlée of coffee.

Black Circle27,50

Surprising combination of chocolate, foie gras and javanais. Served with different structures of pear, hazelnut, walnut and coffee.

Classics from Roger van Damme

The contemporary view of chef Roger turns these top classics into real dream desserts.

Dame Blanche18,50

Crème Brulée14,50

A classic crème brûlée served with a ball of caramel cream.

Pancakes (from 14h30 onwards)

Crêpe Maison7,95

Two pancakes served with different sugars and butter.

Crêpe Royale12,00

Pancakes filled with ice cream, covered with chocolate sauce.

Crêpe Dominique12,00

Pancakes filled with ice cream, covered with orange sauce.