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Northsea crab48,50

Hand shelled North Sea crab with cockles, mousse of yellow curry and a salad of fennel, apple, celeriac, mango and passion fruit.

Fantasy of fish38,50

Tartare of sea bass with fresh dressing and salad of apple, fennel and asparagus. Finished with tartar sauce and Thai basil.

Bun deluxe35,50

Bun served with short rib, wagyu carpaccio and truffel


Beef tartare47,50

Beef of the highest quality is hand-cut and seasoned à la minute
flavoured. Finished with a variety of micro-vegetables, a ball of
cream of foie gras and fries as you would expect from us.


Slow-cooked brill with a mousseline of green herbs with a
bouquet of fresh green vegetables.

Lobster roll59,50

A summer nod to our Beef Wellington. Lobster wrapped in homemade puff pastry. Crispy fried and served with fresh vegetables and a delicious shellfish gravy.

Lunchmenu Het Gebaar

‘Croquette sandwich’ with mousse of pickles
Wagyu croquette with cream of onion, topped with a mousse of homemade pickles on a sable biscuit of Parmesan cheese.
Balfego bluefin tuna. An exceptional steak tartare of tuna served with ponzu, avocado, basil and a fresh pastille of gazpacho.
Torro (belly) of tuna served on fermented rice with surrounding
a sourdough mousseline
Three-hatch Gallux chicken – chicken from egg to butt of Belgian origin that guarantees authentic taste with attention to animal welfare, health and its unique feed composition.
– quality at the farm translates to quality on your plate –
Carpaccio of Gallux chicken with fresh tomatoes, a sweet-and-sour dressing and red curry.
Grilled chicken wing marinated in Oriental spices, served on a
corn-keffir cream, finished with a delicious curry
Chicken marinated in sake, grilled on the barbecue
Slow-cooked brill with a mousseline of green herbs with a bouquet of fresh green vegetables. Supplement Royal Belgian Caviar*
Botanical strawberry garden
Soft mousse of Greek yoghurt, jasmine and strawberries with a fresh compote of rhubarb, pistou basil and watermelon. Lined with fresh pineapple and raspberry strawberries with a spicy pink pepper anglaise accompanied by cooling strawberry ice cream, tamari gel and a shot of mangosteen Tea Vinegar

€ 125.00 p.p. / with Royal Belgian Caviar € 150.00 p.p.
our lunch menu is served per table. from 6 persons we only serve our lunch menu.

cheese plate for dessert € 22.50 cheese instead of dessert € 12.50
modified wine arrangement € 50,00* / wine arrangement ‘special cuvée’ € 95,-* *without wine with cheese



Red fruit, vanille namelaka, strawberrycrumble, red fruit compote, praliné of macadamia, lemon, cheescake ice cream, yoghurt, and espuma of gluhwein and lychee kombucha

Cacao bean39,50

This cocoa bean is crispy on the outside, the ultra thin shell is filled with airy cocoa cream and a combination of flavors that we will let you discover for yourself.
A signature dessert using the latest patisserie techniques.


Chocolate ball filled with elderflower, cocoa, lychee, passion, apple,
kombucha, pandang, ginger and jasmine. A festival of flavours accompanied by
a fresh gravy and super soft yoghurt ice cream.


“A classic” in a new look. Mascarpone mousse with various preparations of almond, coffee, caramel, toffee, hazelnut and praline.

Magic Sphere40,00

Magic sphere creation brimming with surprising preparations and flavours.
Champagne mousse, frangipane, pearls of yuzu, pear compote,
caramel, almond, orange, mandarin, lychee, rum,
vanilla, sultanas, refreshed by ice cream of Greek yoghurt.

Rogers pancake 12,50